Meditation Guru ARCHNA DIDI

Founder & Chairperson, Celebrating Life Foundation

The Founder of this organization is a young, charismatic and exceptionally gifted spiritual Leader, “ARCHNA DIDI” who has touched all the heights of spirituality at a very young age.

The Grace has distinguished herself in many ways including development of various meditation techniques by combining ancient Indian meditation practices with deep understanding of human psychology in the current context making the workshops organized by Celebrating Life Foundation extremely unique and effective for people from all walks of life.

Under the aegis of this GIFTED FOUNDER, result oriented meditation techniques have been developed by reviving and refining the traditional practices relevant to modern era which help in easy attainment of mental peace, balanced health and offering a complete solution for mind, body and soul.

“ARCHNA DIDI” has developed in self a unique combination of tradition and modernity with the fluency of both Hindi and English. The elegant divine words touch the hearts of all the devotees, may they be elderly persons, women, men as well as children. The meditation techniques used while teaching bring years of celestial experience and research together with a combination of different tools such as music, yoga, laughter, dance and simple narratives drawn from spiritual scriptures and daily life experiences.

Come let’s enjoy and celebrate this beautiful journey called life with the Master of Celebration and Divinity, Meditation Guru, “ARCHNA DIDI”.

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