Why should you meditate?

Really why should you? Are you happy…. Happy at all times?

Happy with this life, contented with your career, your relationships, satisfied with wealth and health? Are you looking for MORE from this life! Has life anything better to offer you?

You have to answer these questions to yourself before you seek the answer.

Take a look at yourself, do you look tired, fatigued stressed out? Are you supposed to be like this? As a baby, you were carefree, joyful, in your own world. What happened after that? In school, you were told to study when you wanted to play. At home you were told what to do or not.

Pressure was to put to make carrier or work, Fear, insecurity, stress was fed into us. You thought when this will be over, I will be happy but for how long and for just a short time. Work made you put on more pressure, more stress, and more insecurity. You got married, enjoyed love for a brief time before you encountered relationship problems. You have a child, you enjoy being a parent but now you have more less time, more stress, more work, and the cycle goes on.

And what do we give our children, the same life the same lessons the same stress we encountered. Finally the kids grow and move out with the same issues you had. You are free finally…. Are you? You are exhausted, down with illness, disease, a psychological problem, lonely and maybe a relationship issue…. Or maybe you are just free but don’t know what to do now that you have done what you were supposed to do. What now??? Is this the meaning of life? NO. Life is meant to be enjoyed every moment, relationships cherished, work a pleasure. You should be living every moment. Celebrate life. Meditation is based on that we are not merely the physical body but a soul with a body and mind. We have come to this earth to be blissful to discover ourselves to celebrate.

But instead we imbibe fear, insecurity, anger and resentment in our lives. We inculcate dis-ease, relationship issues, stress, depression and sadness.

In pursuit to mistakenly pursue wealth and fame, somehow thinking, that these will lead us to happiness. However, even after acquiring all these material things happiness still eludes us. Our lives seem meaningless and sometimes even miserable so how can one be happy and find the true meaning in their lives.

The answer is MEDITATION.

Meditation is a journey of a word called me, - Meditation Guru Archna Didi.