Celebrating Life Foundation

THE DIVINE MASTER established and founded Celebrating Life Foundation with the aim of spreading happiness, peace, love and understanding.

Celebrating Life Foundation is a Wellness & Spiritual organisation that has created important milestones through highly effective workshops based on ancient & result oriented global best practices of meditation, yoga (asana), pranayama, through power & other time tested techniques with innovation.

The foundation aims at working on the Inner self between Mind, Body & Soul. The practice aims at developing the overall personality of a human being irrespective of caste, creed and religion, through result oriented introductory & advanced retreats, courses & workshops.


Vision of the foundation is to Explore the innumerable possibilities and inner potentials and to bring eternal happiness and enormous joy.

It is an organization which is serving the people to lead a more meaningful, loving and beautiful life and for spreading happiness in the society. Like the name suggests, “Celebrating Life”; the sole purpose in the life of “ARCHNA DIDI” is to illuminate the whole universe with bliss, peace and celebration.

THE REVEREND MASTER strongly believes in creating a society which cares for each other and is free from stress and spreads peace and happiness all around. By bringing Celebrating Life Foundation in existence our beloved master “ARCHNA DIDI” has been showing the light and enriching the life of millions through various workshops, meditative seminars, and yoga and pranayama sessions. Countless charitable activities are undertaken by Celebrating Life Foundation for the impoverished orphans, physically handicapped children and senior citizens in old age homes.